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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Shutters

The range of shutters available these days are nothing like they once were largely due to the fact that they’ve come a long way in developing different designs and styles for both the interior and exterior of your Sunshine Coast home. Wooden shutters such as timber and cedar are among the post popular. If you prefer something different, shutters can also be purchased in other material such as vinyl.

When shopping for shutters on the Sunshine Coast, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Such as selecting the right style, the type of finish you want, panel configuration, and last but not least, the cost.

Choosing a style can be quite simple because you have typically have a choice of two different styles in most showrooms: traditional or plantation style shutters. Traditional style shutters have narrow shutter panels and are usually shaped like a wedge and look thick in the front and are little narrow in the back. Plantation style shutters are made up of thicker and flatter panels.

The style you choose all comes down to personal preference when choosing which style is best for you and your home. Everyone has their own personal tastes and different décor with which to match their shutters. You really want to take the time to think about what would look good in your space and what would match your current window coverings, if you plan to keep some of them of course.

Deciding on the right finish also comes down to personal preference. Most people opt for a more natural looking finish to their shutters while the other common choice is to use white paint or possibly a varying shade of white. Some people choose pink or even choose shutters that are the exact colour of their house.

The configuration of your shutter panels has a lot to do with the size of your windows and your preferred style. Having shutters custom designed to the specs of the windows in your home might be the best option if you have uncommon window sizes and measurements. Custom-made options can be pricier, but they are an investment and will add beauty and value to your home in countless ways.

Before shopping around online or in store, it’s best to sit down and ask yourself the following questions.

Do I need exterior or interior shutters?

How many doors and windows need shutters?

What are the dimensions of each window and door that needs covering?

What type of material do I want?

What style would work best in my home?

How many panels do I want for each shutter?

What kind of finish/colour would I like my shutters to be?

What is my budget and what is the most I am able to spend?

Writing down the answers to each of these questions will help you get a better idea of what you want and while researching you can search for image examples to get some visual ideas. Knowing your price point is really important as well so you’re ready to get the right shutters for your needs.


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