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Add a More Natural Look to a Room with Matchstick Blinds




A very tasteful and simple method to improve the whole look and feel of a room is by sprucing up its windows. Thankfully, we've got so many choices for window treatments with window blinds being the preferred choice due to the fact they come in so many different colours and textures.


One type of window blind that stands out from the rest is Matchstick blinds. These elegant-appearing window covers are more popular than ever because of their natural-looking texture, and for anyone looking to add an element of style to their without breaking the bank, Matchstick blinds are definitely the way to go.


So what are matchstick blinds? Well, these are specific types of blinds that consists of several horizontally placed and smooth uniform bamboo sticks. These blinds get their name because the bamboo sticks that are used are rounded, similar to matchsticks. Some sticks are rough, irregular sticks but those needs to be taken as more of an exception to the norm and they help them keep their natural look and appeal.


Today, you will find that Matchsticks blinds are also available in natural wood materials instead of being made in bamboo and are more of a rattan or jute material which can also contain other woods mixed together with naturally occurring grass.


Let’s take a look at the technical aspects of Matchstick blinds. They have an attached pulley system with a cord that lines the wood sticks together. By letting the pulley go or pulling it up, you roll the blinds up or down. Additionally, there are cords that go along the length of the blinds to keep the bamboo sticks together in a row. The blinds are equipped with a pulley system and it is typically on top of the blinds to ensure it stays sort of hidden and doesn’t spoil the appearance of the blinds.


When it comes to their appearance, matchstick blinds tend to appear natural and organic, and have a traditional yet modern look. They usually blend in with any décor quite well. You can also find them in many different colors, but most people prefer the natural bamboo look.


Additionally, Matchstick Blinds come in a variety of sizes so users shouldn’t have to worry about not getting the right size. An important point to note is the fact that they are not quite the same as regular blinds, in fact, they’re meant to be slightly irregular in design. You should be able to find them in your size, but in case you do not, it’s quite simple to cut them down to the size you need. Or, many people will buy them slightly larger than the window they intend to cover and hang them just as they are. No matter how you choose to use these affordable and versatile blinds, they are sure to add some warmth and texture to any room in your home.


If you’re looking to find the perfect blinds for your Sunshine Coast home, please visit our homepage and check out our online gallery of shutters and blinds.

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