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Should You Invest in Shutters?

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The short answer to this question is, yes. Now let’s look at the longer answer.

Whether they’re inside or out, professional window treatments of any kind can help add value to your Sunshine Coast home in the following three ways:


1. Street appeal – Shutters, for example, can be seen from outside the home and usually tell anyone who is about to enter your home that it is stylish.

     2. When listing your home on the market, Real Estate agents will always list plantation shutters as a feature on a home, and want potential buyers to experience the “wow factor” when they walk inside your home. Shutters certainly help you achieve this.

3. By providing a very stylish look inside your home. Shutters suit almost any style of home, and can enhance the look of your home.


Do plantation shutters cost a lot more than standard blinds?


Plantation shutters can vary in price depending on the material used to make the shutter. The more expensive style of shutter is stained timber, with the most affordable being PVC or Poly Resin shutters. There are other factors as well such as the type of installation required. This can vary from hinged shutters to bi-fold shutters or sliding shutters. Depending on the width of the openings that you require shutters for the number of panels can increase. In simple terms shutters generally cost around two to three times the equivalent of standard venetian blinds. For an accurate price your total requirements need to be measured, and the type of installtion needs to be factored in.

Is there a warranty?


Yes. Warranty durations can vary from 5 years up to 25 years depending on the manufacturer, the product type and the specific

application of your shutters.

Are there affordable Shutter options?


There are a few different types of Shutters in the market and each have their advantages. Different shutters will suit different decorating requirements and budgets. If you’re looking for a more affordable option we supply quality Poly Resin (sometimes these are referred to as PVC) shutters that are perfectly suited to our humid and wet climate on the Sunshine Coast. These types of shutters can get wet and will not shrink or expand. You do not need to worry if you have left windows open and the shutters receive some rain. Poly Resin shutters often have a longer warranty period than the equivalent timber plantation shutters. 

On the higher end of the market, you can even have beautiful Stained Timber Shutters. Stained Timber shutters can provide a warm and iniviting feel in the right space and are often used in Balinese style homes throughout, or only in certain ares of the home where this style is being implemented. 

In short, shutters are worth the money, but it’s important to consider the needs of your home and the different options and materials available. We can help you assess your needs, how you would like your shutters to work in the space and offere genuine helpful advice concerning the right products and finsihes for your application. Talk to us today about Plantation Shutters in your Sunshine Coast Home by using our contact form here: Contact Form Link

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