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Should You Invest in Shutters?

The short answer to this question is, yes. Now let’s delve into the long answer.


Whether they’re inside or out, professional window treatments of any kind can help add value to your Sunshine Coast home in the following two ways:


1. Curb appeal – Shutters, for example, can be seen from outside the home and usually tell anyone who is about to enter your home that it is stylish.


     2. When listing your home on the market, Real Estate agents typically list shutters as a feature on a home (after European kitchen) and want potential buyers to experience the “wow factor” when they walk inside your home—shutters help you achieve this.


How much do plantation shutters cost?


If it’s authentic plantation shutters you’re after, then expect to pay around three times the price of regular timber venetian style blinds. Buyers can expect to pay anywhere between $250 to $600 per square metre, plus whatever the going rate for installation might be. If you have any additional requests for installation, expect to pay more.


Is there a warranty?


In most cases, yes. This will vary from provider to provider, but many of them offer a warranty from 2 years to 25 years. Do your research and check into the company to see how long they have been in business. Find out what your warranty includes and compare it against what you would like covered. Many warranties have limitations and it’s important to find out what those are from the beginning.


Can I get shutters for cheaper?


Usually, the huge price difference has to do with quality and the authenticity of the materials. Different shutters will suit different decorating requirements and budgets. If you’re looking for cheaper shutters, PVC ones are popular and on the cheaper end of the shutters market. These are not necessarily recommended for Sunshine Coast homes due to the fact that they do not handle high temperatures such as the hot sun beaming on them very well. Ask as many questions as you can about PVC shutters and see what the warranty covers before investing in the cheaper option; it may not be worth it in the long run.


On the higher end of the market, Authentic shutters made from cedar in Australia are definitely the way to go due to their versatility. Authentic cedar wood shutters tend to match any décor well. However, expect to pay higher end prices as well. If you want to be more savvy, a great combination is installing authentic shutters smooth white venetians. Many decorators love this combination of window coverings along with the money they save too!


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In short, shutters are worth the money, but it’s important to consider the needs of your home and the different options and materials available. Opting for the cheapest set of blinds may cause you more headache then it’s even worth. Ask questions and do your research before buying. Make sure you talk to the experts and pick their brains about installing shutters on your Sunshine Coast home.

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