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Four Great Reasons To Install Window Awnings

Awnings Sunshine Coast

When it comes to dream home renovations, people don’t often get all worked up over windows and window coverings. That’s a mistake, in our opinion, but of course, we’re biased, having installed blinds, shutters, and awnings on the Sunshine Coast for the last 50 years.


We may be biased, but we stand by the fact that awnings, blinds, and shutters on the Sunshine Coast are some of the simplest, easiest, most cost-effective ways to both protect your home, as well as totally re-imagine your house’s style at a small fraction of what it would cost for a total renovation.


To get your wheels turning, we’ve compiled a few tips why you might want to install window awnings this year!



4 Reasons To Install Awnings On Your Sunshine Coast Home

  1. Protects your belongings, as well as your home: During the hot, sunny months of the year, belongings left in direct sunlight run the risk of damage. This goes for food - like a chocolate bar, reduced to a runny puddle - as well as more important belongings, like irreplaceable electronics. Awnings also help to protect your home’s interior from the rain, when an unexpected monsoon kicks up, as well as helping you to feel private and secluded, safe from prying eyes on the street.
  2. Increases Street Appeal: Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or just like to be a conversation piece, awnings are an easy way to help your house stand out from the rest of the homes on your block.
  3. Protect Your Plants: An awning can make for a wonderful umbrella, for plants that are too delicate to withstand the direct elements.
  4. Saves On Utilities: Although things have been turning around lately, the Great Recession got us all in the habit of cutting every expense imaginable, without becoming miserly. Things like utilities are a great place to start, when overhauling a budget. After all, what are the advantages of spending more on heating and cooling than necessary? Awnings help to keep a room cool when it’s hot outside, warm when it’s cold outside, and all points in between.


If you’re ready to find out how awnings, blinds, and shutters can make your Sunshine Coast home like new again, cutting costs and increasing style, get in touch today!

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How To Make Your House Look Like A Model Home

Have you been thinking of re-doing your window coverings? Maybe you’re moving soon, and you’re looking to update your house’s style to fetch a morehandsome sum on the market. Or maybe you’re just tired of looking at the same old tired drapes you’ve had for decades?


Changing window coverings, like blinds, on the Sunshine Coast, is a fast, easy, cost-effective to give your home a style make-over, for your own enjoyment or the next occupants.


Here’s a few tips on how to make your house look like a model home.

4 Tips To Make Your House Look Like A Model Home

  1. Go Minimal: The days of heavy, opulent window hangings are long gone (for the time being, anyway, until the next style renaissance). The word ‘modern’ practically screams minimal, particularly in this day and age! To achieve a modern, minimal look, you might try either plain fabric window hangings, or very light and simple drapes. Another option that screams class is covering the slats of your blindswith fabric to match your interior, and create an instant talking point.
  2. Natural Light: Another trend of modern living is lots and lots of natural light. Homes are featuring more and more windows and illuminating cut-outs, to make interior spaces seem brighter and roomier. This trend, unfortunately, also has a tendency to leave certain spots of your house too warm and bright, at certain times of day. Make sure every room is as comfortable and stylish as it can be, reducing the glare with some custom blinds or shutters, for your Sunshine Coast home to really shine!
  3. Colours: The “in” colors tend to change from year to year, making it impossible to give scoping advice on how you should decorate. Trending colours, these past few years, have been favoring light, airy colors, such as pastels, in keeping with the natural light look everyone is cultivating. It seems people want to feel light, free, and unrestricted when they’re home, with good reason.
  4. Textured Shades: People have been working all kinds of different textures into their interior design, these past few years, with stunning results. Consider using rattan, bamboo, or other natural fiber shades or shutters in your Sunshine Coast home, to begin blending modernity with the natural world and environment, for a peaceful equilibrium in your domicile.


Want to find out how blinds, shades, awnings, and shutters can give your Sunshine Coast a new lease on life (and a whole new style)? Contact us today, and let the light in!



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Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters

Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters


Material :    1.4 mm gauge, marine-grade aluminium with reinforced connecting joints


Coating :     Powder coat, timber look veneer or hardened automotive finish


Colours :     2 standard powder coated (white, pearl), 2 hardened automotice finish (black, anodised),

                   and 4 timber grain veneers (limewash, golden oak, walnut, natural cedar).

                  Custom colours are only available in hardened automotive finish.


Installation : Hinged Panel, Framed, Bi-fold, fixed in top and Bottom U channel,

                   Track Bi-fold and Track sliding.


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Fabric Awnings

Fabric Awnings

Fabric Awnings can be the perfect solution for privacy, while protecting your outdoor area from the sun, wind and rain.

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Blinds for the Sunshine Coast

Blinds for the Sunshine Coast

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Fabric is woven so as to maintain an openess factor. This allows vision thru the fabric whilst the blind is down. Designed to give both heat and UV protection at the same time allowing a view of outside areas. 

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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are an excellent solution for heat and light control. Smooth operating and custom made, they are available in three selections:

  • Blockout - for maximum light and UV protection.
  • Translucent - for total UV protection whilst allowing filtered light.
  • Sunscreen - designed for heat and UV protection and at the same time a view to outside areas.
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Panel Glides

Panel Glides

Panel Glides bring a WOW factor into your home, as well as practicality. They are fantastic in wide open spaces, and come with with a smooth and effortless operating system. The fabric panels glide easily, giving you the answer for large sliding and bi-fold doors.

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds create a stunning versatility adding glamour to many interior looks. Coordinated with Panel Glides, Roller Blinds, Madera Timber Venetians and Vertical Drapes, Roman Blinds are also available in motorized.


Select from Plantation Style with timber pelmet and batten treatments, the simple Classic style with aluminium battens (back extrusions) and Fabric or Linea Pelmet or our new Mode style with sleek modern lines and coordinated pelmet.



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