Dimout Curtains

Our range of Dimout Curtains are a great alternative to Blockout curtains. Although the curtain does darken your room, it is often referred to a dimout as it is generally somewhere between 90-95% light block, with the darker the fabric the more blockout being achieved.
Dimout curtains are also known as triple weave curtains, because the fabric is specially woven so that the outside weaves of the fabric are of the same colour with a black thread sewn through the centre. The Dimout Curtain is a lighter softer fabric curtain without the foam layered backing of a blockout curtain. 
All of our curtains are fitted with a Milan grade track runner in high quality white power-coated aluminium. Our tracks can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted and are slim and compact in design. Suitable for pleated or gathered heading styles. 
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