Sometimes, we see people choosing to try and install their own window treatments with the hopes of saving money – however this often leads disastrous consequences. What most people don’t realise (generally until it’s too late) is that this type of cost cutting could ultimately end up costing more money and in the long run.

While some people might initially shudder at the cost of hiring installation professionals, when compared against the cost of potential problems (such as damage to your new blinds, shutters or awnings – or worse, damage to your home), as well as the time involved in trying to complete the project yourself, getting the job done right by a trained professional can be more cost effective in the long run.

If you’re thinking of installing your own blinds, shutters, awnings or curtains, we’ve provided six great reasons why you should opt for professional installation of your window treatments.


1. Accurate and Proper Installation

One of the biggest problems with DIY installations of window treatments is the fact that the measurements are often inaccurate and the installation is not correctly done. The finished product doesn’t look as it should and in some cases, damage can be caused during the installation process. Not only could this cause someone to have to invest more money in window treatments, but it could also cause them to have to spend extra time and money fixing the damage to their window frames.

The alternative to fixing any damage or improperly hung window coverings would be to live with the damage and the awkward looking DIY treatments, but most people who care about the interior of their homes would not be able to live with this for very long. Having a professional accurately measure and install your new window treatments will save you money and future problems while making sure your new shutters or blinds function as they should and maintain their aesthetic appeal.


2. Expert Craftsmanship

This point could easily go right along with the first one, but we wanted to point out that expert craftsmanship is actually what helps the final product look and function at its best. Professional window treatment businesses provide a wide range of quality window treatments, with the product being being custom ordered to fit your home.

Installation professionals also have the right techniques and tools to help make sure the installation process runs smooth. In short, you really cannot afford to live without the craftsmanship an expert window covering company can provide when it comes to measuring, customising, and installing your new awnings, shutters, blinds, or curtains.

An excellent example of this is the fact that professionals can analyse just how much weight your brackets can handle. They can easily determine if it is necessary to add any additional hardware to help hold the weight of your new window treatment. Not everyone knows or understands this which could cause your curtain installation to look sloppy or your shutters or blinds to easily fall out after using them for only a short period of time. One pull or panel adjustment may cause your new coverings to fall down.


3. Professional Consultation

Another important reason to consider having your new window treatments professionally customised and installed is the fact that you’ll have direct access to experienced design professionals. Not only can they help make sure your measurements are accurately executed, but they can also provide you with professional recommendations and advice.

Since professionals keep themselves up to date on the latest styles and trends, they are able to help you find the right colours, styles, and can provide additional ideas on what would work best for your windows and home while getting a sense of what you want in the process. Let’s face it, not everyone is an interior decorator or designer, which is another major common cause of “DIY window treatment mishaps” which can easily be avoided with the help of the experts.

Professionals can also help consult people who really have no idea what they want or what would work best for their room. Your professional window covering company will usually look at each of the rooms and windows you intend to have fitted with window treatments and try to get a sense of the purpose and function of your room helping you to narrow down and decide on your best options.


4. Experts Consider the “Little Things”

When the little things are properly considered, they can have the biggest impact on the final outcome of anything, especially your windows. The little things to which we are referring are really anything that is part of your room and is located near your windows. For example, experts will take into account any air conditioners, heaters, cornices or mouldings, bookcases, doors and door frames, existing rods, as well as the shape and size of your windows.

If any of the above mentioned architectural features are not properly considered, then you will run the risk of turning a beautiful room into a nightmare, especially in the case of DIY installations. You want to make sure that the new window treatments work well with the existing features and qualities of your room.

As an example, if you have a moulding at the back of your window reveal that it not that obvious and you take measurements without allowing for this then your blinds may not fit at all. What do you do next? Order a new blind again, spend money having the blind altered (this is not always possible) or spend more time and money and have the window reveal altered somehow to suit the blind? An expert can take a look at these things and decide the correct way to fit the and measure the blind and take into account things that you may not have even noticed. Basically, you can expect them to analyse every little detail to ensure that you achieve the right look and style to suit and enhance the current features of your room.


5. Professional Installers Are Specialists

Just like you wouldn’t hire a random, inexperienced person to fix your car or build a house, you don’t want to “hire yourself” (an inexperienced window installer) to install your own window treatments either. You also don’t want to hire a jack of all trades to do handle this task for you. Why? While they may save you a little money for installation, they still do not specialize in the installation of blinds, shutters, and curtains.

Hiring professional installers means you’re getting work from people who specialise in one specific area. They live and breathe it every day and have been doing this long enough to know the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t. While it might not seem so at first, cutting corners will not get you any closer to your goal and you could eventually end up kicking yourself for not doing it right the first time later on down the track.


6. Professional Installation Is Guaranteed

A major plus to having your window treatments professionally installed is that the product warranty provided by the manufacturer often requires that the installation must be completed by a professional. When people mess up their own installation, they usually need to hire a professional to come and correct their mistakes or fix the problems that can happen with DIY installations – which in some cases can be an expensive mess and adds more money to the total cost.



Professional installation work is often guaranteed for a certain time frame, and ensures that you won’t void the manufacturer warranty. This helps ease the mind of the customer because they know they are receiving high-quality work and service right from the start since their work is 100% guaranteed. So, if something goes wrong, the window covering company will fix it, but they want to avoid this as much as possible so they make sure to employ the most experienced professionals to do the job right the first time.

Window designs, personal tastes, and the needs of each room in our homes vary, which is why having the experts come to your home to provide you with a consultation and properly measure your windows, is the smart way to go. Beautiful, customised, and professionally installed blinds, shutters and awnings on the Sunshine Coast are just a click away. Don’t DIY. Leave it to the experts to ensure your window treatments are installed right the first time. 

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