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How to Design Your Own Backyard Oasis Everyone Can Enjoy


It’s always nice to getaway to enjoy some peace and quiet, but what if you could create your very own” getaway spot” located right out your back door? With the right design elements, you can easily create a home that has the look and feel of your ideal vacation spot, which you can access anytime minus the long car or plane trip.


To help you design the perfect backyard oasis you, your family, and friends can enjoy, we put together this guide on which design elements can help you achieve your ideal backyard design.


Why Design Matters


The very first thing you need to consider is the outdoor space you have to work with and how you would like to use your outdoor space. If you have a large backyard area to work with, design experts suggest that you can create different areas for different purposes. For example, you could have different flower bed arrangements, water fountains, a covered patio area, beautiful stonework. a garden shed area, and possibly even a pool or hot tub area.


If you have a smaller space to work with, it is often better to stick with one design theme. One way many people with small outdoor spaces prefer to design their backyard is by creating a patio area that is perfect for socialising, reading, and relaxing, or barbequing. No matter the backyard space you have to work with, design is an essential part (and the first step) when it comes to designing your very own “staycation” spot.


Patio Flooring


If your backyard area is going to have a patio area, you will want to consider flooring that will not only last but is also easy to maintain. Design experts advise that either timber or pavers are excellent low maintenance patio floor options that will last for years to come.


The key to low maintenance timber is by making sure the timber is stained and sealed to provide protection against different weather conditions. For pavers, as long as a sealer has been applied, your patio floor pavers should remain relatively low maintenance as well, which is important for helping you enjoy your outdoor space as hassle-free as possible.


Furniture & Décor



When it comes to your outdoor furniture and décor, the only rules that apply here are the ones that determine your personal style preference. Depending on your personal style, you could easily make your backyard patio area a truly unique extension of your home. Some home owners prefer to extend the same design theme from the inside of their home and out into their backyard, while others prefer something completely different to really give them the sense of getting away from it all by stepping into a completely different environment.


Some additional design tips you may want to consider; which may or may not work depending on the outdoor space you have to work with, make sure you include ample seating so you can accommodate your guests. One suggestion to help achieve this can be to utilize any window/wall areas and run benches along the wall and under your windows (if possible). You can also try setting up a table area that can seat large amounts of people and for smaller spaces, try finding an extendable table for occasions when you may have a family get together or backyard party.


While most of us prefer to buy matching décor, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little by adding some unique pieces and/or bright colors to give your outdoor space a more eclectic feel. Consider the weather conditions where you live and whether or not your outdoor patio area will be fully or partially covered. Keeping this in mind will help you find the right outdoor décor to suit both your style and the outdoor conditions of where you live.


If you’re stuck for ideas, consider buying matching wicker furniture, timber tables, and tables with black iron legs to add a contemporary style. Wicker furniture comes in many different colours and designs, so you’re bound to find something that you will absolutely love. Not to mention, wicker adds a more coastal look and feel, which will make it easier for you to temporarily escape.


Backyard Foliage



Do you want to use your outdoor space as a relaxing getaway where you can unwind after a long and stress day or week at the office? Or, do you want to create more work for yourself? While some people find gardening therapeutic, the end goal here should be to create a backyard space where you can relax and watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of your favorite vino.



In order to avoid adding daily gardening to your to-do list, consider planting low maintenance shrubs, flowers, and plants. Look for plants that require little sunlight to grow and that can be easily maintained. Naturally, most people want to add more greenery to make their backyard oasis more of a getaway instead of an extra chore, so do your research and find foliage that requires little effort to manage.





Every backyard oasis needs lighting. Your backyard’s layout and design will determine what type of lighting you will end up choosing and how much of it you need. If you have lots of different flower beds and would like to highlight them at night, you can install garden lights to highlight certain plants and flowers. If you have outdoor paths, you can install solar powered lights and line them along a stone or timber path.


Depending on the size of your patio area, you may want to consider installing a unique chandelier or light fixture. If you want to create some ambience in your atmosphere, consider stringing up some vintage-looking patio lanterns. Wall sconces are great for flower beds and plants planted along the outside walls of your home. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding lighting to your backyard design.


Privacy & Security



To add some security and privacy to your outside space, consider installing aluminum shutters around your patio area. While they can provide a little extra security and more privacy, they can also be opened up to a pool or backyard garden area. The blades can also be adjusted to allow more airflow and natural light into enclosed spaces when needed.


Aluminum shutters can also be installed to enclose a balcony, create an extra outdoor room such as an outdoor kitchen, provide protection from the sun and rain, and can be purchased in range blade sizes, powdercoat colours and timber grain finishes, and last but not least, are an excellent way to provide your home with a more coastal look and feel.


Not only will aluminum shutters provide a more contemporary design to your home, they are also another very low maintenance feature to consider adding to your outdoor getaway spot and they are quite durable.  


Additional Design Ideas to Consider



If your space allows it, adding an outdoor stone fireplace or fire pit area will add a more relaxing and inviting feel to your backyard. Adding this feature will create a great place to cozy up with family and friends and enjoy great conversation together.


Depending on the space you have to with, additional design elements to consider adding are:


  • Porch swings and/or an exotic daybed, which help you create a perfectly comfortable reading and napping spot.
  • Outdoor bar counter where a kitchen window opens up to.
  • Bar stools for your bar counter.
  • Renovate rooftops and balcony areas into a mini getaway retreat.
  • A garden dining area away from the patio area for a more alfresco dining experience.
  • Outdoor kitchen area for cooking and entertaining.
  • Dark furniture for beachside properties.
  • Oversized doors to create a patio look and feel for homes with minimal backyard space.
  • Clear glass balcony panels for homes with scenic views.
  • Screened-in porch.


When it comes to your outdoor space, the sky is limit. Don’t let the size of your backyard discourage you if you have a smaller space to work with. All you need is a bit of creativity, hours on Pinterest and looking for design ideas in design magazines, and a plan. Take some measurements of your backyard area and draw up a rough plan of what you would like to do with your space and plan accordingly.




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How to Create a Coastal Look in Your Home


How lucky are we to live on the Sunshine Coast, with beautiful all-year-round weather and the most glorious beaches, it’s no wonder that so many people come here to holiday.


Whether you live on the Sunshine Coast or plan regular beach holidays each year, creating a coastal look in your home inspires a relaxed natural style of living, where you can unwind in your own resort style sanctuary.


In this guide, we are going to share some simple ways for you to create a coastal look and feel in your home so you can enjoy your “beach lifestyle” year round.


What is Coastal Style?


Coastal design is simple and natural, inspired by a mixture of nautical elements, typically found in coastal homes along with weathered-looking furniture.


The traditional coastal look is infused with shades of blue and pale finishes, maritime décor such as compasses and maps, helms and anchors. Modern coastal designs use a fresh white colour scheme with natural elements such as driftwood, shells and coral.


The classic ‘Beach House’ style home with white interiors, soft linens, light timber flooring, aged rattan furniture and lots of natural light inspires a relaxed and easy interior. 



No matter which type of elements you choose to incorporate with your personal style, a home decorated using a coastal design has more to do with creating a fresh escape within the walls of your home. All you need to do is find the right colour palette and décor to make your home always feel like a holiday at the beach.



More About Coastal Color


Coastal colours are inspired by the colours we typically see at the beach; for example, seafoam green, driftwood grey, sandy brown, ocean blue, aqua and even whites and beiges can create a beach feel.


To create a more preppy “Hamptons” look, many coastal homes include a light touch of crimson or coral with navy to add in a bit of colour to rooms with softer tones.















Must-Have Coastal Elements



To give your home the coastal ‘weathered’ look, try adding Rattan or wicker in grey tones for dining chairs, bedheads and occasional chairs.  Introducing white or white washed pieces will also give your home the fresh beach feel.


Rope is also an excellent accent because the natural fibers of rope provide an instant coastal feel, lending a bit of a nautical touch. Try adding some rope baskets, rope-wrapped lamps, rope curtain ties, or even a rope light fixture (as pictured above) to give your space some textured, nautical style.


Other elements to consider adding are glass accessories, such as decorative sea glass and glass bottles to help your home sparkle. Muted blue or light green glass to help bring more of the ocean into your home.








Incorporating natural elements from the sea, such as coral, shells and driftwood placed on book shelves, hall tables and coffee tables are perfect decorative items.
















Beach Patterns


A great way of adding coastal tones to your home is through fabrics and patterns.


Stripes and trellis patterns, preferably in navy and white are one of the most recognizable coastal designs. These elements can easily be added to your home through cushions or wide striped rugs.


Consider also adding coastal motifs such as coral, palm leaves, and shells through throw pillows, rugs, and wall art with nautical patterns such as anchors, sails, helms, and compasses.



Curtains and Window Treatments


Adding window treatments that allow lots of natural light into your home without taking the focus away from your beautiful views (if you are lucky enough to have them) are an essential part of your coastal design.


Sheer Curtains and Sunscreen Blinds


Window furnishings such as sheer curtains or light sunscreen blinds are a very popular option for coastal living as they are perfect for allowing natural sun light into your home at a reduced intensity. They also provide you with a clear view outside with privacy during the day.


Translucent Blinds


Translucent fabric blinds in lighter colours are also wonderful light filtering blinds. They are perfect for creating a relaxed soft ambiance and because they are woven very tightly with a polyester yarn and finished with a protective clear coating, they are also suitable for keeping the heat out.


Plantation Shutters


For a more classic and timeless coastal look, plantation shutters are not only a great fixed investment for your home, they are perfect for controlling the level of privacy and light by rotating the louves to various angles.


Shutters also keep your home cooler in summer by deflecting direct sunlight and allowing airflow through your home for those sea breezes.


Polyresin (PVC) shutters and powder coated aluminum shutters are perfect for coastal environments or tropical climates.


Timber Venetians


Timber or ‘timber look’ venetians with wide slates in either a white painted finish or a light stain with grayish tones, such as ash, are also a great alternative to shutters.



Coastal Look by Room



Every room in your home is used for a different purpose which is why choosing the right coastal design for each room is important. We’ve broken down coastal decorating ideas by room to help make it easier for you to incorporate coastal style room by room.



Living Room


Living rooms are typically used as a more social space and a space where we can relax and escape. A coastal living room design can also be thought of as your beachside retreat. We’ve outlined some essentials design elements to help you transform your living room into your permanent beachside getaway.


For an instant beachy feel, paint your walls in white and neutral tones. Painted hardwood paneling can make a wonderful wall feature against white washed timber furniture pieces. 


Natural woven rugs in sisal, seagrass or wool over your hardwood flooring will add a cozy textured look to your living area.


Position your wicker chairs and large soft fabric sofas in front of a beautiful open fireplace and add built in book cases filled with books and treasured coastal ornaments.


Add some woven baskets made from rope or wicker. This will not only take your coastal look up a few notches, but it will also help you keep your space organised and less-cluttered. Consider filling baskets with soft, cozy blankets and “chunky” accents in coral, crimson, or navy blue.


Include some indoor plants or palms with large wide leaves to create a coastal tropical feel.


Dining Room


Whether you’re hosting a family brunch or intimate dinner parties with friends, your coastal dining area can really help bring you and your loved ones together.


Set the mood with soft natural lighting and decorate your table with candles and beautiful tropical foliage.


Your statement furniture piece should be a large white wash timber table with rattan dining chairs and a natural looking orb ceiling pendant.


If you still have room, consider a matching sideboard to allow you to display your coastal collection of large shells and driftwood to finish the look.




Your coastal bedrooms should be part of your beachside escape. After a day of relaxing outside on the beach, on the water, and barbequing with friends, your number one goal may be to fall into your bed and rest off the day’s activities. By adding the right elements, you will surely make your coastal dreams a reality.


Start by adding a trunk at the foot of your bed for blankets and additional seating. Choose weathered or wicker style trunk to add character and style. As for your bed, try adding a rattan or white panel bedhead and dress white linens with layers of soft neutral tones.


Choose calming artworks of the beach, ocean or palmtrees for your walls.


A beautiful round mirror attached with a leather strap or rope over a distressed timber dresser will complete your coastal theme.



For your windows, soft sheer curtains will help give your coastal room a more open and breezy look. Perfect for allowing natural light filter into your room, sheer curtains will provide your bedroom with a warm soft glow and help create an inviting and relaxing setting. Consider adding a block out roller blind behind your sheers for total blockout.



Contact the team at Blinds Shutters and Awnings Direct to help you choose the right window products ton compliment your coastal interior. Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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Practical Guide: How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Blinds




Adding window coverings to your home can add a designer look to your rooms and spaces and if done correctly can also instantly improve the look and feel of your rooms. Blinds are an excellent way to add both style and function to your windows, however, there are lots of fabrics and styles from which to choose and this can make deciding on the right fabric difficult.


Choosing the wrong type of blind fabric or material could leave you with a window covering that does not provide the look or function that you were aiming for.  We have put together this practical little guide to help you ask the right questions when shopping around for the right fabric for your blinds.


Consider the Climate of Where You Live


Considering the climate where you live, is probably the most important thing to think about first when it comes to choosing fabric for your blinds, which is why we put it at the top of our list. We know how hot it can get on the Sunshine Coast, which makes blinds an essential window covering for every home.


For our warmer climate, the goal will most likely be to keep your home cool, keeping energy costs low while maintaining comfort and style. During cooler months, you may want to keep rooms warmer with minimal energy and gas usage as well. Having the right type of blinds installed can help control the temperature in your home and keep your monthly costs under control.


Factor in Your Homes’ Level of Exposure


 Next to climate, the level of exposure to the sun and other extreme temperatures also has a major bearing on the type of blinds you decide to install. Why? Well, let’s say your master bedroom is facing the direction of the sunrise and your kitchen is facing the side where the sun sets; you probably want a material or fabric that completely blocks out the bright morning sun—especially for those mornings where you want to sleep in! Also, are there trees and shade surrounding your home? Or, are there trees on one side of your home, leaving the other side completely exposed to sunlight? These are all things that should be taken into account when choosing blinds for your home.




In contrast, your kitchen will most likely not require the same type of material or coverage as your bedroom will. For example, a light fabric that filters the light rather than completely blocking it out could be more appropriate in this scenario. With all this in mind, you want to make sure the blinds in your home provide a high level of UV protection from harmful rays to protect your homes flooring and furniture from fading.


A high-quality fabric will make all the difference with the effectiveness of how your blinds control temperatures and exposure to light to your rooms.



Think about the Function of Your Blinds


Similar to exposure, function is also an important aspect of choosing the right blinds style and fabric. Darker fabrics are an excellent choice for reducing glare but absorb more heat compared with lighter fabrics. Lighter fabrics reflect more light, which is why they absorb less heat.  


If you want more privacy in a room, then a tighter or closed fabric weave is the best choice. Whereas, open weave fabrics let you enjoy the beautiful surroundings and views while still filtering some of the light that could come glaring into your home at certain times of the day.


When it comes to the function of your blinds and what a room will be used for, the fabric you ultimately choose will determine how well the blinds do their job. You should consider enlisting the help of professionals to provide you with expert advice as to what works best for your area and the different rooms in your home. They will factor in everything before offering solutions and can answer your questions about what to do and what not to do along with the pros and cons associated with each option.


Consider the Room


It’s important to consider the room for which you would like to install blinds. Not all blinds fabrics are suitable for all rooms. For example, wet rooms or rooms with more moisture can limit your choices due to the possibility of being damaged by moisture. It’s best to consider synthetic and man-made materials to avoid any possible damage. Your local blinds dealer should be able to consult with you on the best options for rooms with more moisture like your bathroom and kitchen area.




Keep Your Own Personal Style in View


An important aspect to include throughout your decision-making process for the fabric and/or style of your blinds should be your own personal style. After all, it is your home and you’re the one who ultimately has to live in it. Lucky for homeowners, there are many different types of styles, colours, and fabrics to choose from. This can be a bit of a daunting task for some, but with all of the options available to consumers, it should be relatively easy to find and narrow down your options to suit your own personal style as well as the look and design you are trying to achieve.


Understanding available style options will also help you make the right decision for your windows and home. Below is a breakdown along with the function and features of the most common fabric blinds styles available for purchase.


Main Types of Fabric Blinds


There are many different types of blind fabrics on the market. Some of the most popular types of fabric window coverings include:




Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are made with a fabric that has been stiffened to make it easier for the blinds to be rolled up onto a tube at the top of the blind when they are not in use. Roller blinds are still one of the most popular window furnishings today due to these blinds being simple, easy to operate, durable and can be made with a huge choice of fabrics.




Roman Blinds


Roman blinds offer a sophisticated and stylish look while blocking out light and provide privacy as well. They are usually made of a soft fabric but do come in other style variations as well. When fabric roman shades are raised they gather in pleats and when they are down, they lie flat against your window. Romans can be made with or without battens which can provide a unique look.




Panel Glide Blinds


Unlike roller blinds and roman blinds, panel glide blinds are made up of flat panels of fabric which slide across the window rather than rolling up. Ideal for large windows, glass sliding doors and partitioning rooms.


These flat panels can be opened from the middle or stacked to one side when they are open, and can also be made with or without battens.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are a very practical and economical choice and are one of the most versatile blinds for adjusting light into a room. The vertical blind comprises of material strips that hang down vertically that can be rotated with a wand to provide light control and privacy, and then simply pulled across to one side to fully open or close the blind. When closed, the blinds overlap one another to keep the light from coming in.


Types of Fabric

When choosing fabric for your blinds, you should consider the functional purpose of your window coverings, such as light control,  privacy, and if you wish to have a clear view through the blind.  You may also require different levels of privacy in different parts of your home.

For this reason, we have outlined the three most common types of window covering fabrics: Blockout, Translucent, and Screen:



Block out fabrics (also known as ‘black out’ fabrics) are made with a coating that stops light from piercing through, perfect for blocking nearly all natural light from entering a room to provide you with complete privacy. This type of fabric offers you maximum protection from heat, glare and UV rays as well as maintaining excellent insulation.




Translucent fabrics (also known as ‘light filtering’ fabrics) gently filter natural light into your home. An ideal fabric choice for brightening up your home whilst also ensuring both day and night time privacy.




Screen fabrics (also known as ‘sunscreen’ or ‘transparent fabrics’) are perfect for providing you with a clear view to the outside whilst still letting natural light into your home and providing daytime privacy.



Mixing Fabric Selections


To utilise the advantages of each fabric, you can easily combine the translucent or screen fabrics with a blockout fabric. Double blinds (also known as ‘day and night’ blinds) include two different types of fabric blinds on a single bracket for total light control.


By alternating between the blockout blind for privacy and darkness, to the translucent or screen fabric for filtered natural light or a clear outside view, you can achieve the best of both worlds.




For more information or a free measure and quote please contact us at BSA Direct. We understand the importance of choosing the right fabrics for different applications within your home and will ensure that your goals are achieved from the blinds installed in your Sunshine Coast home.



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Why Should You Choose to Have Your Window Treatments Professionally Installed?

Recently, we’ve seen a rise in the number of people choosing to try and install their own window treatments with the hopes of saving money – however this often leads disastrous consequences. What most people don’t realise (generally until it’s too late) is that this type of cost-cutting could ultimately end up costing a lot more money and hassles in the long run.

While some people might initially shudder at the cost of hiring installation professionals, when compared against the cost of potential problems (such as damage to your new shutters or awnings – or worse, damage to your home), as well as the time involved in trying to complete the project yourself, getting the job done right by a trained professional can be considerably more cost effective in the long run.

If you’re thinking of installing your own blinds, shutters, awnings or curtains, we’ve provided six great reasons why you should opt for professional installation of your window treatments.

1.    Accurate and Proper Installation

One of the biggest problems with DIY installations of window treatments is the fact that the measurements are often inaccurate and the installation is not correctly done. The finished product doesn’t look as it should and in some cases, damage can be caused during the installation process. Not only could this cause someone to have to invest more money in window treatments, but it could also cause them to have to spend extra time and money fixing the damage to their window frames.

The alternative to fixing the damage or improperly hung window coverings would be to live with the damage and the awkward-looking DIY treatments, but most people who care about the interior of their homes would not be able to live with this for very long. Having a professional accurately measure and install your new window treatments will save you money and future problems while making sure your new shutters or blinds function as they should and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

2.    Expert Craftsmanship

This point could easily go right along with the first one, but we wanted to point out that expert craftsmanship is actually what helps the final product look and function at its best. Professional window treatment businesses provide a wide range of quality window treatments including custom-made shutters.

Installation professionals also have the right techniques and tools to help make sure the installation process runs smooth. In short, you really cannot afford to live without the craftsmanship an expert window covering company can provide when it comes to measuring, customizing, and installing your new awnings, shutters, blinds, or curtains.

An excellent example of this is the fact that professionals can analyse just how much weight your brackets and rods can handle. They can easily determine if it is necessary to add any additional hardware to help hold the weight of your new window treatment. Not everyone knows or understands this which could cause your curtain installation to look sloppy or your shutters or blinds to easily fall out after using them for only a short period of time. One pull or panel adjustment may cause your new coverings to come crashing down.

3.    Professional Consultation

Another important reason to consider having your new window treatments professionally customized and installed is the fact that you’ll have direct access to experienced design professionals. Not only can they help make sure your measurements are accurately executed, but they can also provide you with professional recommendations and advice.

Since professionals keep themselves up to date on the latest styles and trends, they are able to help you find the right colours, styles, and can provide additional ideas on what would work best for your windows and home while getting a sense of what you want in the process. Let’s face it, not everyone is an interior decorator or designer, which is another major common cause of “DIY window treatment mishaps” which can easily be avoided with the help of the experts.

Professionals can also help consult people who really have no idea what they want or what would work best for their room. Your professional window covering company will usually look at each of the rooms and windows you intend to have fitted with window treatments and try to get a sense of the purpose and function of your room helping you to narrow down and decide on your best options.



4.    Experts Consider the “Little Things”

When the little things are properly considered, they can have the biggest impact on the final outcome of anything, especially your windows. The little things to which we are referring are really anything that is part of your room and is located near your windows. For example, experts will take into account any air conditioners/heaters, cornices or mouldings, bookcases, doors and door frames, existing rods, as well as the shape and size of your windows.

If any of the above mentioned architectural features are not properly considered, then you will run the risk of turning a beautiful room into a nightmare, especially in the case of DIY installations. You want to make sure that the new window treatments work well with the existing features and qualities of your room.

As an example, if you have a moulding at the back of your window reveal that it not that obvious and you take measurements without allowing for this then your blinds may not fit at all. What do you do next? Order a new blind again, spend money having the blind altered (this is not always possible) or spend more time and money and have the window reveal altered somehow to suit the blind? An expert can take a look at these things and decide the correct way to fit the and measure the blind and take into account things that you may not have even noticed. Basically, you can expect them to analyse every little detail to ensure that you achieve the right look and style to suit and enhance the current features of your room.



5.    Professional Installers Are Specialists

Just like you wouldn’t hire a random, inexperienced person to fix your car or build a house, you don’t want to “hire yourself” (an unexperienced window installer) to install your own window treatments either. You also don’t want to hire a jack of all trades to do handle this task for you. Why? While they may save you a little money for installation, they still do not specialize in the installation of blinds, shutters, and curtains.

Hiring professional installers means you’re getting work from people who specialize in one specific area. They live and breathe it every day and have been doing this long enough to know the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t. While it might not seem so at first, cutting corners will not get you any closer to your goal and you could eventually end up kicking yourself for not doing it right the first time later on down the track.

6.    Professional Installation Is Guaranteed

A major plus to having your window treatments professionally installed is that the product warranty provided by the manufacturer often requires that the installation must be completed by a professional. When people mess up their own installation, they usually need to hire a professional to come and correct their mistakes or fix the problems that can happen with DIY installations - which in some cases can be an expensive mess and adds more money to the total cost.

Professional installation work is often guaranteed for a certain time frame, and ensures that you won’t void the manufacturer warranty. This helps ease the mind of the customer because they know they are receiving high-quality work and service right from the start since their work is 100% guaranteed. So, if something goes wrong, the window covering company will fix it, but they want to avoid this as much as possible so they make sure to employ the most experienced professionals to do the job right the first time.


Window designs, personal tastes, and the needs of each room in our homes vary, which is why having the experts come to your home to provide you with a consultation and properly measure your windows, is the smart way to go. Beautiful, customised, and professionally installed blinds, shutters and awnings on the Sunshine Coast are just a click away. Don’t DIY. Leave it to the experts to ensure your window treatments are installed right the first time.

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Are Retractable Awnings for You?


There is a long list of reasons why one should install retractable awnings over fixed awnings. From painless installation to longer lifespans, retractable awnings are definitely the better choice for anyone considering installing them. Just like the name says, retractable awnings retract by folding to help the user control shading and to protect the awning.

Retractable awnings are also quite durable and can be used as long-term fixtures on the exterior of your home or business. In fact, they may actually add some additional value to your property due to the fact that user can create a better outdoor living space heat, sun, glare, and even ultraviolet rays while upgrading the exterior of any home or building.

Why most consumers purchase retractable awnings

Approximately 70% of consumer that purchase retractable models for the exterior of their home or business is because they want to protect their furniture, fabrics and other other elements from the strong sunshine rays. Included in that percentage is the fact that users want to provide more shade for a more comfortable living space and to keep areas cool.

Here are some additional benefits:

·      Save money on energy. Vertical drop screen and retractable awnings have the ability to lower temperatures inside homes and buildings by up to 75%, and can down the use of air conditioning by 25%, which can greatly lower energy bills.

·      Protecting elements. Drop screens and awnings protect certain areas from different weather conditions.

·      Protecting areas from allergens. Vertically-hanging awnings are typically used as screens around decks and patio areas.

·      Privacy. Great for outdoor activity areas like hot tubs, pools, and spas.

Where you can install awnings

Most people install them in more obvious places, like where the extra shading is needed. Retractable awnings are more popular in sunny and dry climates, but are often used in some of the most unexpected places, such as in cities like New York due to the rising energy costs. They are really quite versatile and can work in pretty much any area and climate.

To make sure a retractable awning will meet your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

·      Where is the best place to install the awning?

If you intend on installing awnings to lower your energy bills, then you must make sure they are installed covering doors and windows that are facing the sun. You also want to consider if your awning will be installed to cover certain outdoor living areas to add shade.

·      Which design best suits your needs and intended purpose?

There are literally tons of retractable awning styles and colours from which to choose and you can also have them custom made to fit the space where you’d like them installed.

·      Does your awning need to retract?

The final thing you want to consider is whether or not you would like your awnings to retract and how. Some awnings come with a variety of sensors and accessories to control the awning under different types of weather conditions. For example, rain, sun, wind and motion.

For a beautiful selection of awnings for your Sunshine Coast home, please check out our online gallery.

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Have You Heard of Bahama Shutters?

Shutters in general are a great and cost-effective way to add some style and charm to any Sunshine Coast home. Shutters come in two different types: indoor and outdoor. Indoor shutters are typically used to control temperatures, light, and privacy, while outdoor shutters are used for similar reasons as wells as added security and safety from more turbulent weather conditions.


In certain parts of the United States, Bahama (Bermuda) shutters are typically used by homeowners in areas that have extreme climates because they provide storm protection. Louvered shutters are more commonly used on large windows to help protect large windows from varying shifts in temperatures.


Exterior shutters in general have the ability to add some flair to different architectural styles. Bahama shutters tend to provide a bit of a British Colonial style to different architecture, and bright-colored board shutters give a slight touch of the Old American West to some homes and other buildings. Shutters come in various materials, such as wood, fiberglass and vinyl.


Bermuda Shutters: A unique, top-hinged choice


Shutters vary in functionality and design by style. Bahama (Bermuda) shutters are designed with hinges on the top. This design allows the homeowner to easily push their Bahama shutters away out and directly away from their window, allowing air to flow through while maintaining privacy.


Most shutters are designed with side hinges. Common designs include: Panel shutters and louvered shutters such as plantation shutters. Most people think of shutters as having side hinges rather than shutters having top hinges. This style offers a lot of advantages to homeowners and should be considered.


The advantages of Bahama shutters


Bermuda shutters are often used as storm shutters due to their top hinges. Instead of swinging and slamming open when inclement weather hits, they can rapidly close on their own or by the homeowner. A lot of homes and buildings in areas such as New Orleans, Los Angeles, and other regions that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 now have Bahama shutters. This style of shutters can also be used for climate control. Homeowners can shade the rooms in their home while letting air flow through because they can angle the shutters away from their house, a smart choice for homeowners living in warmer climates because of their natural ability to cool, helping homeowners conserve energy and save money on their utility bills.


Similar to other shutter styles, Bahama shutters are also customizable to fit different styles and window sizes. They can be made from different materials and painted different colours. Wooden shutters are best for areas similar to the Sunshine Coast where the sun shines brightly and most residents are concerned with preventing colour-fading.


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Looking for the perfect shutters for your Sunshine Coast home? Visit our homepage to view our online gallery.







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Incorporating Awnings onto Historical Buildings

Most cities and towns are defined by the buildings found in it. City centres and downtown areas often contain older buildings, old main streets, turn-of-the-century storefronts, and even old post-war homes, adding a distinctive design to specific areas. Whenever historical buildings are renovated or refurbished, it’s important to preserve the character and distinctive attributes.

When historical buildings are renovated with awnings, there are two major deciding factors:

1.    Many old architectural style buildings, for example, Spanish Revival, Craftsman, and Colonial, incorporate awnings to make them part of their exterior design and are typically used as aesthetic and functional extensions of an already beautiful old building.

2.    Awnings help control heat since old buildings typically depend on more passive ways of temperature control.

Replacing old awnings on historical buildings is for the most part inexpensive and a very simple way to update their appearance. Many old storefronts or buildings install retractable awnings because they are easy to use and maintain and modern designs have a lot to offer in terms of durable construction, design and style, and the ability to control temperature and provide much-needed shade during the summer months.

What Matters When Renovating Historical Buildings

In most historical areas, the neighborhoods and streets are usually considered to be a collective influence. Meaning, one of the most important aspects of the restoration of old buildings is to preserve the exterior and appearance of them. Most areas enforce legislations and laws (even some boards) that control what kind of updates can be made, what must be maintained as part of preserving the historical character and appearance of the property or building, and even what colours or designs are allowed or prohibited.

When installing awnings on old buildings (or replacing them), it’s important to consider they can be seamlessly incorporated into the exterior design. Building or business owners should also consider if there’s something that be covered up instead of being fixed or replaced, such as rotting arbors on old Spanish-style homes.

If the building in question already has awnings and the owner is looking to update them, it’s much easier and more affordable to just have them replaced. Retractable awnings are definitely the way to go and are very simple and easy to operate. Perhaps the most essential part of the process is making sure that the awning’s style, colour, size, and design all match the exterior of the building or storefront well.   

If you’re looking to install retractable awnings to help keep your home cool and shaded from the Sunshine Coast heat, visit our online gallery or talk with one of our experts today.

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Should You Invest in Shutters?

 large shutters sunshine coast



The short answer to this question is, yes. Now let’s look at the longer answer.

Whether they’re inside or out, professional window treatments of any kind can help add value to your Sunshine Coast home in the following three ways:


1. Street appeal – Shutters, for example, can be seen from outside the home and usually tell anyone who is about to enter your home that it is stylish.

     2. When listing your home on the market, Real Estate agents will always list plantation shutters as a feature on a home, and want potential buyers to experience the “wow factor” when they walk inside your home. Shutters certainly help you achieve this.

3. By providing a very stylish look inside your home. Shutters suit almost any style of home, and can enhance the look of your home.


Do plantation shutters cost a lot more than standard blinds?


Plantation shutters can vary in price depending on the material used to make the shutter. The more expensive style of shutter is stained timber, with the most affordable being PVC or Poly Resin shutters. There are other factors as well such as the type of installation required. This can vary from hinged shutters to bi-fold shutters or sliding shutters. Depending on the width of the openings that you require shutters for the number of panels can increase. In simple terms shutters generally cost around two to three times the equivalent of standard venetian blinds. For an accurate price your total requirements need to be measured, and the type of installtion needs to be factored in.

Is there a warranty?


Yes. Warranty durations can vary from 5 years up to 25 years depending on the manufacturer, the product type and the specific

application of your shutters.

Are there affordable Shutter options?


There are a few different types of Shutters in the market and each have their advantages. Different shutters will suit different decorating requirements and budgets. If you’re looking for a more affordable option we supply quality Poly Resin (sometimes these are referred to as PVC) shutters that are perfectly suited to our humid and wet climate on the Sunshine Coast. These types of shutters can get wet and will not shrink or expand. You do not need to worry if you have left windows open and the shutters receive some rain. Poly Resin shutters often have a longer warranty period than the equivalent timber plantation shutters. 

On the higher end of the market, you can even have beautiful Stained Timber Shutters. Stained Timber shutters can provide a warm and iniviting feel in the right space and are often used in Balinese style homes throughout, or only in certain ares of the home where this style is being implemented. 

In short, shutters are worth the money, but it’s important to consider the needs of your home and the different options and materials available. We can help you assess your needs, how you would like your shutters to work in the space and offere genuine helpful advice concerning the right products and finsihes for your application. Talk to us today about Plantation Shutters in your Sunshine Coast Home by using our contact form here: Contact Form Link

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Can You Tell the Difference Between Faux Wood Blinds and Authentic Ones?

If there’s one thing homeowners just cannot ignore, it’s their home décor. Whether most of us want to admit it or not, we tend to make judgements about people the moment we step into their home. Like it or not, most guests do the same when they come to our home as well. 


People appreciate home décor that creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Interestingly, your window treatments have the ability to pull the design of your house together and are often the one of the first things people notice when they step inside your home. 


Wood blinds are commonly used in homes because they create a welcoming and warming atmosphere. They are an effective way to decorate and enhance your windows because they add a nice, clean contemporary touch that compliments any home décor. Their rise in popularity has brought different designs and other materials such as cane, vinyl, and metal. No matter the material or color you prefer for your blinds, they have the ability to create a certain type of atmosphere in your home.


If you tend to prefer wood window blinds, consider purchasing faux wood blinds. You’ll save yourself a lot of money while still achieving the same look that authentic wood blinds are known to provide. Not sure about faux? Manufacturers and designers have gone to great lengths to make faux wood blinds look as realistic as possible, and most wood blinds you see are most likely faux.


Faux blinds are typically made with either a combination of vinyl and hardwood or by vinyl alone. These blinds are a beautiful option to wood blinds because they look like real wood blinds and are great for humid climates and temperatures. The wood “look” is definitely achievable without paying wood prices. 


Installing your faux or wood blinds is quite simple and can definitely be done on your own. The main thing you need to consider is whether or not you want your blinds to fit right inside your window or if you want them to fit outside your window. Once you’ve figured this out, make sure you measure the area you would like your blinds to fit in before making your purchase. If the size you’re looking for is not available, most stores are able to cut down larger blinds into your desired size. 


If you’re looking for some great blinds for your Sunshine Coast home, but just cannot decide on the material, color, or size, please visit our homepage and navigate over to our online gallery to check out our work.

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Add a More Natural Look to a Room with Matchstick Blinds




A very tasteful and simple method to improve the whole look and feel of a room is by sprucing up its windows. Thankfully, we've got so many choices for window treatments with window blinds being the preferred choice due to the fact they come in so many different colours and textures.


One type of window blind that stands out from the rest is Matchstick blinds. These elegant-appearing window covers are more popular than ever because of their natural-looking texture, and for anyone looking to add an element of style to their without breaking the bank, Matchstick blinds are definitely the way to go.


So what are matchstick blinds? Well, these are specific types of blinds that consists of several horizontally placed and smooth uniform bamboo sticks. These blinds get their name because the bamboo sticks that are used are rounded, similar to matchsticks. Some sticks are rough, irregular sticks but those needs to be taken as more of an exception to the norm and they help them keep their natural look and appeal.


Today, you will find that Matchsticks blinds are also available in natural wood materials instead of being made in bamboo and are more of a rattan or jute material which can also contain other woods mixed together with naturally occurring grass.


Let’s take a look at the technical aspects of Matchstick blinds. They have an attached pulley system with a cord that lines the wood sticks together. By letting the pulley go or pulling it up, you roll the blinds up or down. Additionally, there are cords that go along the length of the blinds to keep the bamboo sticks together in a row. The blinds are equipped with a pulley system and it is typically on top of the blinds to ensure it stays sort of hidden and doesn’t spoil the appearance of the blinds.


When it comes to their appearance, matchstick blinds tend to appear natural and organic, and have a traditional yet modern look. They usually blend in with any décor quite well. You can also find them in many different colors, but most people prefer the natural bamboo look.


Additionally, Matchstick Blinds come in a variety of sizes so users shouldn’t have to worry about not getting the right size. An important point to note is the fact that they are not quite the same as regular blinds, in fact, they’re meant to be slightly irregular in design. You should be able to find them in your size, but in case you do not, it’s quite simple to cut them down to the size you need. Or, many people will buy them slightly larger than the window they intend to cover and hang them just as they are. No matter how you choose to use these affordable and versatile blinds, they are sure to add some warmth and texture to any room in your home.


If you’re looking to find the perfect blinds for your Sunshine Coast home, please visit our homepage and check out our online gallery of shutters and blinds.

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Not all Awnings Were Created Equal

Awnings are a valuable home design element that our grandparents knew all about. Before air conditioning was created, awnings were used to shade interiors and help keep houses cool. With the focus today being on sustainable design, there’s renewed interest in the use of awnings.

Awnings are mainly used to block the sunlight from entering the house and keeping your house cool on hot days. They can be removed or retracted during the winter months when you need warmth and crave light. Depending on the type of material you select, you may also be able to also keep harmful UV rays from damaging your skin and causing discoloration in your fabrics.

Window awnings are known to reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows, according to studies conducted in the U.S. Besides all of that great money- and energy-saving features, awnings are also an aesthetic investment. Vibrant fabrics, stripes and scalloped borders are just a couple of the options. Awnings bring softness, pattern, color and nostalgic charm to any home.

Modern coastal homes typically like to install large, retractable canvas awnings to add a touch of traditional style. They can also make the outside veranda feel more enclosed and provides much-needed shade. Retractable awnings also offer curb appeal and transforms a space out front into an extra outdoor room only shaded. A popular design, retractable awnings have poles for support, but there are also other alternatives that do not require the additional poles for support.

Another popular awning design is spear awnings because they are typically used to add more style to the exterior of a home. Made with wrought iron spears, they add a traditional touch to the exterior of different styles of homes.

It is important to ask about durability and wind speed when shopping around for awnings. The awning company should be able to tell you how much wind different awnings can stand. There are also motorized versions on the market. Factors to consider when deciding whether to go hand-cranked or motorized are things like the added expense of installation and upkeep for having the ease of simply pushing a button compared with the hand-crank models, which will require less upkeep and maintenance.

With so many options to choose from, one major factor to consider is how an awning will look from the outside of your house and how it can improve the view from the inside of your home as well. If you’re looking to find the perfect awnings to match your needs and the style of your home, visit to view our Sunshine Coast online gallery.



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The Best Blind’s for Your Child’s Bedroom

What could possibly be more essential than sleep for a young infant or baby, or even you? NOTHING! It is actually vital that you regulate and control the amount of light entering your baby or child’s room. When you choose the right blinds, the amount of light coming in from street lamps at night, or sunshine during the day, won't affect your infant’s sleeping habits and naps will never be out of the question because you can find the right blinds to block out the light.


The two most important variables to think about when picking the right blinds for your nursery and child’s room are light blockage and safety. Most infants need whole light blockage to sleep as we mentioned. In terms of safety, it’s important to choose blinds that they can use as they get older. For example, installing cordless window blinds so there won’t be any loose cords, minimizing your child’s risk of strangulation.


1    Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are the ultimate window treatment for your infant’s nursery for two reasons. First, they are available with a cordless remote control option, and they create the highest amount of light blockage compared with most window coverings. Additionally, they are exceptionally energy efficient. Their unique honeycomb construction allows them to insulate your child or infant’s room from the cold and helps keep their room cool during the hot summer, helping to create the best environment for your child as they sleep. Another feature of honeycomb shades is they are also blackout blinds providing complete privacy in a room while keeping it completely dark at any time of the day.


2   Roller Shades


Since honeycomb shades provide the ultimate light blockage of all the window treatments, than roller shades undoubtedly come close to second. Having one piece of fabric extend from the top to the bottom, roller shades will block out almost all light from the outside world. Furthermore, they also have the alternative of being cordless. Nevertheless, lots of people love the easiness with which you are able to lift the shade up and down using a chain, but regulations require all roller shades to come with a kid safety fastener as a standard (also known as a cord tensioner). This keeps the cord stretched and concealed, preventing young children from playing with it, therefore, preventing accidents.


Looking for the right blinds for your child’s bedroom? If you’re located on the Sunshine Coast, visit to view our online gallery of blinds and shutters today!

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Tips for Awning Maintenance

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, then you know how convenient it is to have awnings on your home. They offer sun protection and provide shade for as long as you need it when the temperatures are high, making them a smart purchase for any homeowner.Yet, awnings are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Between bad weather, sun exposure, and the countless critters that often like to hang out on them on a daily basis, many things can cause your awnings Sunshine Coast to deteriorate quickly, which is why proper care and maintenance is so important for increasing the lifespan of your awning and allowing you and your family the ability to enjoy them for years to come. Check out these tips below:



Retract It


Awnings are meant to be used for shade and will not effectively protect a person from storms or other bad weather. It is always a good idea to buy an awning that will retract or wind up, ensuring that it is well protected when not in use. Excess exposure to water will cause deterioration, no matter the material your awning is made of. Fabric will stretch and fade, metal will rust, and mildew can quickly accumulate and affect the functionality of any motors you have set in place.


Whenever you are not using your awning, be sure that it is not out. If you hear that bad weather is approaching, double check that everything is tucked away and out of harm’s way, so that you can put it to good use when the sun is shining again.


Maintain Regular Cleanings


Another important part of awning maintenance is regular upkeep and cleanings. Make certain that any excess dirt and debris are washed off regularly to ensure that no build-up can occur. Also, hosing down the gears and motors every once in a while is always a good idea to decrease the likelihood of anything getting trapped inside of them. Cleaning your awning on a regular basis will ensure that no stains and unsightly spots appear and will help it maintain its superior quality a lot longer.


Operate It Efficiently


When it comes to operating your awning, be careful and make sure that all parts are able to function together as smoothly as possible. Clear off any debris that may have accumulated before rolling it up to prevent any tears or further damage. If it is wet, it is usually recommended to let it dry out before putting it away, and be sure to not overwork the motor or any other mechanisms that are helping things operate. If something seems off or forced, then there is likely some sort of issue that needs to be addressed before proceeding any further.



If you are on the Sunshine Coast and are in the market for a new awning, turn to BSA today to see our wide selection of awnings on the Sunshine Coast. We look forward to working with you soon!

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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Shutters

The range of shutters available these days are nothing like they once were largely due to the fact that they’ve come a long way in developing different designs and styles for both the interior and exterior of your Sunshine Coast home. Wooden shutters such as timber and cedar are among the post popular. If you prefer something different, shutters can also be purchased in other material such as vinyl.

When shopping for shutters on the Sunshine Coast, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Such as selecting the right style, the type of finish you want, panel configuration, and last but not least, the cost.

Choosing a style can be quite simple because you have typically have a choice of two different styles in most showrooms: traditional or plantation style shutters. Traditional style shutters have narrow shutter panels and are usually shaped like a wedge and look thick in the front and are little narrow in the back. Plantation style shutters are made up of thicker and flatter panels.

The style you choose all comes down to personal preference when choosing which style is best for you and your home. Everyone has their own personal tastes and different décor with which to match their shutters. You really want to take the time to think about what would look good in your space and what would match your current window coverings, if you plan to keep some of them of course.

Deciding on the right finish also comes down to personal preference. Most people opt for a more natural looking finish to their shutters while the other common choice is to use white paint or possibly a varying shade of white. Some people choose pink or even choose shutters that are the exact colour of their house.

The configuration of your shutter panels has a lot to do with the size of your windows and your preferred style. Having shutters custom designed to the specs of the windows in your home might be the best option if you have uncommon window sizes and measurements. Custom-made options can be pricier, but they are an investment and will add beauty and value to your home in countless ways.

Before shopping around online or in store, it’s best to sit down and ask yourself the following questions.

Do I need exterior or interior shutters?

How many doors and windows need shutters?

What are the dimensions of each window and door that needs covering?

What type of material do I want?

What style would work best in my home?

How many panels do I want for each shutter?

What kind of finish/colour would I like my shutters to be?

What is my budget and what is the most I am able to spend?

Writing down the answers to each of these questions will help you get a better idea of what you want and while researching you can search for image examples to get some visual ideas. Knowing your price point is really important as well so you’re ready to get the right shutters for your needs.


If you need an extra deciding, please visit our awnings Sunshine Coast showroom or visit to view our online gallery.

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The Benefits of Adding Awnings to Your Sunshine Coast Home



Interestingly, awnings started being used in ancient Egyptian times. Awnings started to become less popular once air conditioning started to become the standard in most homes. With energy costs constantly on the rise, many people are looking for ways to save money by making some simple changes, which is one of the reasons awnings on the Sunshine Coast have made a huge comeback. Along with the added benefit of saving money on energy, you will also be adding some beauty and value to your Sunshine Coast home.


Savings and Benefits of Awnings


You’ll be happy to know that studies have shown that awnings can help save up to 50% on cooling costs. Awnings (and shades) work with your air conditioner by keeping your home cooler, thus reducing the need to use additional energy. Many people have realized that installing awnings or shades is more of an eco-friendly way of staying cool.


Additionally, window awnings on your Sunshine Coast home protect your furnishings and hardwood floors from getting damaged by the sun. They come in attractive designs and colours to help create a beautiful outdoor living space that will be great for entertaining friends and family during the hot summer months.


Different Kinds of Awnings


As mentioned earlier, awnings come in any different colours and designs, an are often custom made to fit your home and space. Below are the different types of awnings:


Retractable Patio Awnings were once more commonly found on more upscale homes, but thankfully, there are much more affordable and are typically made to last for many years with little to no maintenance. Retractable awnings usually retract with either a motor or hand crank.


Window awnings typically come in contemporary and traditional styles. Traditional window awnings have sides that can provide more sun protection. Spear awnings usually look best on more modern homes. Drop arm awnings for windows can either roll up on a roller tube or they can be motorized as well. Motorized awnings are best for second story windows because they can be retracted from inside your home.


Shopping for the Right Awnings


While buying awnings online and installing them yourself can save you a lot of money, it isn’t necessarily recommended. If you do decide to shop online or even in store, make sure you look out for awnings that come with a 5 to 10-year warranty. If you really want to save, you can get a one-year warranty, but cheaper isn’t always best. Think of this as an investment in your home and consider spending a bit more to get something that will last a long time.


Learn more about the the benefits of adding awnings to your Sunshine Coast home by visiting today.




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Finding the Right Blinds for Your Home



The decision to buy blinds for your home is an easy one, but when it comes to picking them out things can get tricky. What you need might vary based on your current home décor, your personal tastes, and what would work most efficiently for your setup. If you’re looking for blinds Sunshine Coast, then you are in luck because BSA has a wide variety of blinds to offer you. Our endless array of products ensure that anyone can find the perfect fit for their home. Check out just some of our many options below.


Panel Glide Blinds


Panel glide blinds are great for anyone with a lot of open space in their home. They are easy to operate, stylish, and convenient. They are a nice option to pair with big glass doors or windows and are very functional, allowing you to easily move from room to room, while offering the option for privacy, as well. We have a variety of panel blinds for you to choose from, so check out our stock today if you feel that these are the right fit for you.


Roller Blinds


Many homeowners love having big windows, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors despite being cooped up inside of their home. The only problem with this is the lack of privacy involved. With roller blinds, you can easily gain privacy any time you choose, while maintaining a more open look for when you would prefer that instead. They work efficiently at blocking any window and even offer protection from the sun so none of your belongings will suffer potential damage.


Roman Blinds


If you are looking to really enhance the look of your room, then Roman blinds may be a great option for you! They offer a timeless look that is sure to look great for years to come. They come in a wide variety of fabrics and styles, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your home. They are traditional yet modern, feminine yet masculine, and their versatility seems to know no bounds.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds offer a more classic look that work well in any living space. Their functionality and diversity make them an obvious choice for any home. If you want to gain more control over your home as far as privacy and lighting options are concerned, then adding in some vertical blinds will give you all of the freedom that you desire.


The blinds mentioned here are just some of the many products we have to offer. The best part about all of our blind options is that they can be paired with each other in a variety of ways, meaning you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Our staff is ready and willing to work with all of our customers looking for blinds on the Sunshine Coast, so everyone can find the best look for their specific tastes. Visit our site or stop on by today and check out our amazing line of products.



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Transform Any Room with Timber Shutters


Have you decided on the best window treatments for your newly-renovated living room yet? Just so you know, curtains don’t have to be the only solution, and Venetian blinds are not as popular as they once were. Currently, Timber shutters are often the window treatment of choice in Australia and New Zealand. 


Let’s take a quick look at why they are so popular these days.



A Stylish and Practical Alternative


Even though timber shutters on the Sunshine Coast are widely available, some brands are more prominent than others. When shopping around, see if you can ask local suppliers for their best-selling offers and options. The nice thing about timber shutters is that you can control the amount of light that enters a room while getting ample privacy, insulation, and even a bit of noise control.


Another interesting use for timber shutters is that many offices and homes actually install them as elegant partitions and room dividers.


Designed to Suit Your Needs


You can definitely find shutters in the right colour to match any room's décor. There really is no shortage of timber options to choose from and many people choose to have their shutters on the Sunshine Coast customized as well. Check out different design options to see what works best for your room and your needs.


Why Timber?


With window treatments being high in demand, the variety of products available on the market is quite overwhelming. So why do so many people prefer good ole timber shutters on the Sunshine Coast?


First, high-quality timber is reliable, durable, and very resistant to wear and tear. Second, the aesthetic appeal of timber shutters; they are not made of any composite building materials or synthetic products, so they offer the natural beauty and appeal of wood. Third, they are proven to be effective in controlling temperature, noise, and light.


If you opt for timber shutters, you will have a wide range of wood materials to choose from, including pine and cedar. Check out our shutters, blinds, and awnings showroom on the Sunshine Coast, or click here to learn more about  our customised timber shutters. 

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Why Roman Blinds Have Become Increasingly More Popular

Do as the Romans Do with Roman Blinds


When visiting our showroom, you can find a variety of blinds on the Sunshine Coast to select from, including Venetian blinds and Roller blinds, but one special type of blind that has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years are Roman blinds.


Even though Roman blinds add a beautiful touch to any room, we still love the modern look of Venetian blinds, but for some, Venetian blinds are much too contemporary. Roman blinds supply any room with an exceptional amount of coverage while offering a softer, warmer look compared with most other blinds, such as Venetians.


When Roman blinds are raised, the cloth folds in a similar way to how drapes appear except without seeming like bulky drapes and adding the right softness to any room. For those who prefer a modern touch, but like the look of Roman blinds, will now find that there are more modern designs available as well, similar to the ones seen in our gallery.


Roman blinds typically come in different colours and a wide variety of designs. They suit classic rooms or more conventional, but many of those designs also suit more modern layouts. Roman blinds can create a wonderful atmosphere in any room by adding the perfect finishing touches, making them the focal point in any room in your home.


An Excellent Choice to Drapes


Since Roman blinds offer a much softer look, similar to drapes and curtains without seeming bulky, more people are choosing Roman blinds to complete the look of their rooms over curtains. Although it certainly helps, esthetics is not the only reason most people love these blinds; they are also much easier to keep clean, and they don’t fade in the sun like drapes do.


Roman blinds also offer maximum control over the amount of light you let into a room while also providing your room with the privacy it needs, making Roman blinds an excellent choice for bedrooms. We, along with our clients, love the fact that Roman blinds come in materials that allow light through while making a room more private. Roman shades can come in materials and designs that will allow you completely block out powerful rays, similar to blackout blinds.


Don’t wait to get the perfect Roman blinds for your room. Check out our blinds gallery on the Sunshine Coast or drop by our showroom to see how we can help transform any room in your home.

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Tips For Caring For Your Shutters And Blinds

Window coverings - like awnings, drapes, shutters, and blinds - are supposed to help us enjoy our Sunshine Coast homes. They make our living spaces look cleaner and more inviting, protect us from the ubiquitous sun, and prevent our windows from getting quite as dirty, so we don’t have to clean them quite as often.


Many of these inherent qualities evaporate when our blinds and shutters get dirty, however. Dirty window coverings could potentially be even worse than dirty windows. At least windows are expected to get dirty! Blinds and shutters just look dingy when they’re dirty, and have the same effect on the rest of the environment.


To really get the most out of your shutters and blinds in the Sunshine Coast, a little bit of maintenance is required. We think you’ll agree the work is worth it, when your windows and living areas look brand new and pristine, every time, with these few helpful guidelines.


How To Care For Your Shutters And Blinds

There are nearly as many different kinds of window coverings as there are windows in the world. There’s no catch-all, quick-and-easy answer to the best way to take care of your wooden blinds and slatted shades. Here are a few of the more common styles, and how to care for them.


Aluminum Blinds

The slats can be very close together and hard to reach in both ½” and 1” Aluminum Blinds, which can create quite a build-up of dust and grime. If it’s been a while since you’ve really gotten in the nooks and crannies of your Aluminum Blinds, you might look for a local sonic cleaning company. Sonic cleaning companies use sound waves to shake dust and debris free from hard-to-reach places. Sonic cleaning companies are highly-trained professionals, and know how to keep their mess contained. It could be a good investment, to save you hours picking dust out of your carpet.


Wood Blinds

Although most Wood Blinds have been painted or sealed in some capacity, it’s still not advisable to get them wet, as moisture can cause wood to warp and discolor. To clean your Wood Blinds, use a feather duster or a dry rag. If you do need to use a wet rag, in intense cleaning situations, just make sure to dry the excess moisture when you’re done.


Honeycomb Cell Shades

Honeycomb shades are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their stylish, minimalist, modern design. They look awesome, but they can be awesomely difficult to clean. To clean your honeycomb cell shades use a vacuum, with a soft-bristle brush attachment, to get all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.


Clean, beautiful shutters and blinds can make your Sunshine Coast home sparkle and shine like new, without breaking the bank.

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3 Great Reasons To Install Blinds In Your Sunshine Coast Home

Sunshine Coast Blinds

We’re settling into the chilly, overcast part of the year, here in the Sunshine Coast. Granted, it never lasts that long or gets that extreme. Still, diminishing temperatures and leaden skies make this a great time to install blinds in your Sunshine Coast home, to keep the warmth IN and the gloom OUT.


Still not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons why it’s a good idea to install blinds in your Sunshine Coast home.


3 Reasons To Install Blinds

  1. Makes For Great Insulation: Well-insulated windows are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your heating bill. As any financial advisor can tell you, little monthly savings like that add up. Before you know it,j you’ll be able to afford a free vacation, with all the money you’ve saved with your new blinds or shutters in the Sunshine Coast. Installing blinds and shutters is a great way to add extra insulation to your windows, without extensive renovations. Insulated windows are better for the environment, as well.

  2. An Easy Way To Redecorate: Many of us live in one place for LONG periods of time at a stretch. Who wants to move any more than they have to? The downside of this is getting tired of looking at the same old windows and walls. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to re-style your home, new blinds or shutters are the way to go.

  3. Blinds For Every Occasion: Style and efficiency are just a few of the countless great reasons to install shutters or blinds in your Sunshine Coast home. Want to maintain a rustic charm, while still keeping out the cold and bright, glaring light? Try wooden shutters. Or maybe you just need a little extra privacy, without blocking out the sunlight or fresh air? A sheer blind could do the trick, and it’s a nice design feature as well.


New shutters or blinds for your Sunshine Coast home are a great way to re-envision your space, without breaking the bank.

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