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Are Retractable Awnings for You?


There is a long list of reasons why one should install retractable awnings over fixed awnings. From painless installation to longer lifespans, retractable awnings are definitely the better choice for anyone considering installing them. Just like the name says, retractable awnings retract by folding to help the user control shading and to protect the awning.

Retractable awnings are also quite durable and can be used as long-term fixtures on the exterior of your home or business. In fact, they may actually add some additional value to your property due to the fact that user can create a better outdoor living space heat, sun, glare, and even ultraviolet rays while upgrading the exterior of any home or building.

Why most consumers purchase retractable awnings

Approximately 70% of consumer that purchase retractable models for the exterior of their home or business is because they want to protect their furniture, fabrics and other other elements from the strong sunshine rays. Included in that percentage is the fact that users want to provide more shade for a more comfortable living space and to keep areas cool.

Here are some additional benefits:

·      Save money on energy. Vertical drop screen and retractable awnings have the ability to lower temperatures inside homes and buildings by up to 75%, and can down the use of air conditioning by 25%, which can greatly lower energy bills.

·      Protecting elements. Drop screens and awnings protect certain areas from different weather conditions.

·      Protecting areas from allergens. Vertically-hanging awnings are typically used as screens around decks and patio areas.

·      Privacy. Great for outdoor activity areas like hot tubs, pools, and spas.

Where you can install awnings

Most people install them in more obvious places, like where the extra shading is needed. Retractable awnings are more popular in sunny and dry climates, but are often used in some of the most unexpected places, such as in cities like New York due to the rising energy costs. They are really quite versatile and can work in pretty much any area and climate.

To make sure a retractable awning will meet your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

·      Where is the best place to install the awning?

If you intend on installing awnings to lower your energy bills, then you must make sure they are installed covering doors and windows that are facing the sun. You also want to consider if your awning will be installed to cover certain outdoor living areas to add shade.

·      Which design best suits your needs and intended purpose?

There are literally tons of retractable awning styles and colours from which to choose and you can also have them custom made to fit the space where you’d like them installed.

·      Does your awning need to retract?

The final thing you want to consider is whether or not you would like your awnings to retract and how. Some awnings come with a variety of sensors and accessories to control the awning under different types of weather conditions. For example, rain, sun, wind and motion.

For a beautiful selection of awnings for your Sunshine Coast home, please check out our online gallery.

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