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Why Roman Blinds Have Become Increasingly More Popular

Do as the Romans Do with Roman Blinds


When visiting our showroom, you can find a variety of blinds on the Sunshine Coast to select from, including Venetian blinds and Roller blinds, but one special type of blind that has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years are Roman blinds.


Even though Roman blinds add a beautiful touch to any room, we still love the modern look of Venetian blinds, but for some, Venetian blinds are much too contemporary. Roman blinds supply any room with an exceptional amount of coverage while offering a softer, warmer look compared with most other blinds, such as Venetians.


When Roman blinds are raised, the cloth folds in a similar way to how drapes appear except without seeming like bulky drapes and adding the right softness to any room. For those who prefer a modern touch, but like the look of Roman blinds, will now find that there are more modern designs available as well, similar to the ones seen in our gallery.


Roman blinds typically come in different colours and a wide variety of designs. They suit classic rooms or more conventional, but many of those designs also suit more modern layouts. Roman blinds can create a wonderful atmosphere in any room by adding the perfect finishing touches, making them the focal point in any room in your home.


An Excellent Choice to Drapes


Since Roman blinds offer a much softer look, similar to drapes and curtains without seeming bulky, more people are choosing Roman blinds to complete the look of their rooms over curtains. Although it certainly helps, esthetics is not the only reason most people love these blinds; they are also much easier to keep clean, and they don’t fade in the sun like drapes do.


Roman blinds also offer maximum control over the amount of light you let into a room while also providing your room with the privacy it needs, making Roman blinds an excellent choice for bedrooms. We, along with our clients, love the fact that Roman blinds come in materials that allow light through while making a room more private. Roman shades can come in materials and designs that will allow you completely block out powerful rays, similar to blackout blinds.


Don’t wait to get the perfect Roman blinds for your room. Check out our blinds gallery on the Sunshine Coast or drop by our showroom to see how we can help transform any room in your home.

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