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The Best Blind’s for Your Child’s Bedroom

What could possibly be more essential than sleep for a young infant or baby, or even you? NOTHING! It is actually vital that you regulate and control the amount of light entering your baby or child’s room. When you choose the right blinds, the amount of light coming in from street lamps at night, or sunshine during the day, won't affect your infant’s sleeping habits and naps will never be out of the question because you can find the right blinds to block out the light.


The two most important variables to think about when picking the right blinds for your nursery and child’s room are light blockage and safety. Most infants need whole light blockage to sleep as we mentioned. In terms of safety, it’s important to choose blinds that they can use as they get older. For example, installing cordless window blinds so there won’t be any loose cords, minimizing your child’s risk of strangulation.


1    Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are the ultimate window treatment for your infant’s nursery for two reasons. First, they are available with a cordless remote control option, and they create the highest amount of light blockage compared with most window coverings. Additionally, they are exceptionally energy efficient. Their unique honeycomb construction allows them to insulate your child or infant’s room from the cold and helps keep their room cool during the hot summer, helping to create the best environment for your child as they sleep. Another feature of honeycomb shades is they are also blackout blinds providing complete privacy in a room while keeping it completely dark at any time of the day.


2   Roller Shades


Since honeycomb shades provide the ultimate light blockage of all the window treatments, than roller shades undoubtedly come close to second. Having one piece of fabric extend from the top to the bottom, roller shades will block out almost all light from the outside world. Furthermore, they also have the alternative of being cordless. Nevertheless, lots of people love the easiness with which you are able to lift the shade up and down using a chain, but regulations require all roller shades to come with a kid safety fastener as a standard (also known as a cord tensioner). This keeps the cord stretched and concealed, preventing young children from playing with it, therefore, preventing accidents.


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