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How to Design Your Own Backyard Oasis Everyone Can Enjoy


It’s always nice to getaway to enjoy some peace and quiet, but what if you could create your very own” getaway spot” located right out your back door? With the right design elements, you can easily create a home that has the look and feel of your ideal vacation spot, which you can access anytime minus the long car or plane trip.


To help you design the perfect backyard oasis you, your family, and friends can enjoy, we put together this guide on which design elements can help you achieve your ideal backyard design.


Why Design Matters


The very first thing you need to consider is the outdoor space you have to work with and how you would like to use your outdoor space. If you have a large backyard area to work with, design experts suggest that you can create different areas for different purposes. For example, you could have different flower bed arrangements, water fountains, a covered patio area, beautiful stonework. a garden shed area, and possibly even a pool or hot tub area.


If you have a smaller space to work with, it is often better to stick with one design theme. One way many people with small outdoor spaces prefer to design their backyard is by creating a patio area that is perfect for socialising, reading, and relaxing, or barbequing. No matter the backyard space you have to work with, design is an essential part (and the first step) when it comes to designing your very own “staycation” spot.


Patio Flooring


If your backyard area is going to have a patio area, you will want to consider flooring that will not only last but is also easy to maintain. Design experts advise that either timber or pavers are excellent low maintenance patio floor options that will last for years to come.


The key to low maintenance timber is by making sure the timber is stained and sealed to provide protection against different weather conditions. For pavers, as long as a sealer has been applied, your patio floor pavers should remain relatively low maintenance as well, which is important for helping you enjoy your outdoor space as hassle-free as possible.


Furniture & Décor



When it comes to your outdoor furniture and décor, the only rules that apply here are the ones that determine your personal style preference. Depending on your personal style, you could easily make your backyard patio area a truly unique extension of your home. Some home owners prefer to extend the same design theme from the inside of their home and out into their backyard, while others prefer something completely different to really give them the sense of getting away from it all by stepping into a completely different environment.


Some additional design tips you may want to consider; which may or may not work depending on the outdoor space you have to work with, make sure you include ample seating so you can accommodate your guests. One suggestion to help achieve this can be to utilize any window/wall areas and run benches along the wall and under your windows (if possible). You can also try setting up a table area that can seat large amounts of people and for smaller spaces, try finding an extendable table for occasions when you may have a family get together or backyard party.


While most of us prefer to buy matching décor, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little by adding some unique pieces and/or bright colors to give your outdoor space a more eclectic feel. Consider the weather conditions where you live and whether or not your outdoor patio area will be fully or partially covered. Keeping this in mind will help you find the right outdoor décor to suit both your style and the outdoor conditions of where you live.


If you’re stuck for ideas, consider buying matching wicker furniture, timber tables, and tables with black iron legs to add a contemporary style. Wicker furniture comes in many different colours and designs, so you’re bound to find something that you will absolutely love. Not to mention, wicker adds a more coastal look and feel, which will make it easier for you to temporarily escape.


Backyard Foliage



Do you want to use your outdoor space as a relaxing getaway where you can unwind after a long and stress day or week at the office? Or, do you want to create more work for yourself? While some people find gardening therapeutic, the end goal here should be to create a backyard space where you can relax and watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of your favorite vino.



In order to avoid adding daily gardening to your to-do list, consider planting low maintenance shrubs, flowers, and plants. Look for plants that require little sunlight to grow and that can be easily maintained. Naturally, most people want to add more greenery to make their backyard oasis more of a getaway instead of an extra chore, so do your research and find foliage that requires little effort to manage.





Every backyard oasis needs lighting. Your backyard’s layout and design will determine what type of lighting you will end up choosing and how much of it you need. If you have lots of different flower beds and would like to highlight them at night, you can install garden lights to highlight certain plants and flowers. If you have outdoor paths, you can install solar powered lights and line them along a stone or timber path.


Depending on the size of your patio area, you may want to consider installing a unique chandelier or light fixture. If you want to create some ambience in your atmosphere, consider stringing up some vintage-looking patio lanterns. Wall sconces are great for flower beds and plants planted along the outside walls of your home. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding lighting to your backyard design.


Privacy & Security



To add some security and privacy to your outside space, consider installing aluminum shutters around your patio area. While they can provide a little extra security and more privacy, they can also be opened up to a pool or backyard garden area. The blades can also be adjusted to allow more airflow and natural light into enclosed spaces when needed.


Aluminum shutters can also be installed to enclose a balcony, create an extra outdoor room such as an outdoor kitchen, provide protection from the sun and rain, and can be purchased in range blade sizes, powdercoat colours and timber grain finishes, and last but not least, are an excellent way to provide your home with a more coastal look and feel.


Not only will aluminum shutters provide a more contemporary design to your home, they are also another very low maintenance feature to consider adding to your outdoor getaway spot and they are quite durable.  


Additional Design Ideas to Consider



If your space allows it, adding an outdoor stone fireplace or fire pit area will add a more relaxing and inviting feel to your backyard. Adding this feature will create a great place to cozy up with family and friends and enjoy great conversation together.


Depending on the space you have to with, additional design elements to consider adding are:


  • Porch swings and/or an exotic daybed, which help you create a perfectly comfortable reading and napping spot.
  • Outdoor bar counter where a kitchen window opens up to.
  • Bar stools for your bar counter.
  • Renovate rooftops and balcony areas into a mini getaway retreat.
  • A garden dining area away from the patio area for a more alfresco dining experience.
  • Outdoor kitchen area for cooking and entertaining.
  • Dark furniture for beachside properties.
  • Oversized doors to create a patio look and feel for homes with minimal backyard space.
  • Clear glass balcony panels for homes with scenic views.
  • Screened-in porch.


When it comes to your outdoor space, the sky is limit. Don’t let the size of your backyard discourage you if you have a smaller space to work with. All you need is a bit of creativity, hours on Pinterest and looking for design ideas in design magazines, and a plan. Take some measurements of your backyard area and draw up a rough plan of what you would like to do with your space and plan accordingly.




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How to Create a Coastal Look in Your Home


How lucky are we to live on the Sunshine Coast, with beautiful all-year-round weather and the most glorious beaches, it’s no wonder that so many people come here to holiday.


Whether you live on the Sunshine Coast or plan regular beach holidays each year, creating a coastal look in your home inspires a relaxed natural style of living, where you can unwind in your own resort style sanctuary.


In this guide, we are going to share some simple ways for you to create a coastal look and feel in your home so you can enjoy your “beach lifestyle” year round.


What is Coastal Style?


Coastal design is simple and natural, inspired by a mixture of nautical elements, typically found in coastal homes along with weathered-looking furniture.


The traditional coastal look is infused with shades of blue and pale finishes, maritime décor such as compasses and maps, helms and anchors. Modern coastal designs use a fresh white colour scheme with natural elements such as driftwood, shells and coral.


The classic ‘Beach House’ style home with white interiors, soft linens, light timber flooring, aged rattan furniture and lots of natural light inspires a relaxed and easy interior. 



No matter which type of elements you choose to incorporate with your personal style, a home decorated using a coastal design has more to do with creating a fresh escape within the walls of your home. All you need to do is find the right colour palette and décor to make your home always feel like a holiday at the beach.



More About Coastal Color


Coastal colours are inspired by the colours we typically see at the beach; for example, seafoam green, driftwood grey, sandy brown, ocean blue, aqua and even whites and beiges can create a beach feel.


To create a more preppy “Hamptons” look, many coastal homes include a light touch of crimson or coral with navy to add in a bit of colour to rooms with softer tones.















Must-Have Coastal Elements



To give your home the coastal ‘weathered’ look, try adding Rattan or wicker in grey tones for dining chairs, bedheads and occasional chairs.  Introducing white or white washed pieces will also give your home the fresh beach feel.


Rope is also an excellent accent because the natural fibers of rope provide an instant coastal feel, lending a bit of a nautical touch. Try adding some rope baskets, rope-wrapped lamps, rope curtain ties, or even a rope light fixture (as pictured above) to give your space some textured, nautical style.


Other elements to consider adding are glass accessories, such as decorative sea glass and glass bottles to help your home sparkle. Muted blue or light green glass to help bring more of the ocean into your home.








Incorporating natural elements from the sea, such as coral, shells and driftwood placed on book shelves, hall tables and coffee tables are perfect decorative items.
















Beach Patterns


A great way of adding coastal tones to your home is through fabrics and patterns.


Stripes and trellis patterns, preferably in navy and white are one of the most recognizable coastal designs. These elements can easily be added to your home through cushions or wide striped rugs.


Consider also adding coastal motifs such as coral, palm leaves, and shells through throw pillows, rugs, and wall art with nautical patterns such as anchors, sails, helms, and compasses.



Curtains and Window Treatments


Adding window treatments that allow lots of natural light into your home without taking the focus away from your beautiful views (if you are lucky enough to have them) are an essential part of your coastal design.


Sheer Curtains and Sunscreen Blinds


Window furnishings such as sheer curtains or light sunscreen blinds are a very popular option for coastal living as they are perfect for allowing natural sun light into your home at a reduced intensity. They also provide you with a clear view outside with privacy during the day.


Translucent Blinds


Translucent fabric blinds in lighter colours are also wonderful light filtering blinds. They are perfect for creating a relaxed soft ambiance and because they are woven very tightly with a polyester yarn and finished with a protective clear coating, they are also suitable for keeping the heat out.


Plantation Shutters


For a more classic and timeless coastal look, plantation shutters are not only a great fixed investment for your home, they are perfect for controlling the level of privacy and light by rotating the louves to various angles.


Shutters also keep your home cooler in summer by deflecting direct sunlight and allowing airflow through your home for those sea breezes.


Polyresin (PVC) shutters and powder coated aluminum shutters are perfect for coastal environments or tropical climates.


Timber Venetians


Timber or ‘timber look’ venetians with wide slates in either a white painted finish or a light stain with grayish tones, such as ash, are also a great alternative to shutters.



Coastal Look by Room



Every room in your home is used for a different purpose which is why choosing the right coastal design for each room is important. We’ve broken down coastal decorating ideas by room to help make it easier for you to incorporate coastal style room by room.



Living Room


Living rooms are typically used as a more social space and a space where we can relax and escape. A coastal living room design can also be thought of as your beachside retreat. We’ve outlined some essentials design elements to help you transform your living room into your permanent beachside getaway.


For an instant beachy feel, paint your walls in white and neutral tones. Painted hardwood paneling can make a wonderful wall feature against white washed timber furniture pieces. 


Natural woven rugs in sisal, seagrass or wool over your hardwood flooring will add a cozy textured look to your living area.


Position your wicker chairs and large soft fabric sofas in front of a beautiful open fireplace and add built in book cases filled with books and treasured coastal ornaments.


Add some woven baskets made from rope or wicker. This will not only take your coastal look up a few notches, but it will also help you keep your space organised and less-cluttered. Consider filling baskets with soft, cozy blankets and “chunky” accents in coral, crimson, or navy blue.


Include some indoor plants or palms with large wide leaves to create a coastal tropical feel.


Dining Room


Whether you’re hosting a family brunch or intimate dinner parties with friends, your coastal dining area can really help bring you and your loved ones together.


Set the mood with soft natural lighting and decorate your table with candles and beautiful tropical foliage.


Your statement furniture piece should be a large white wash timber table with rattan dining chairs and a natural looking orb ceiling pendant.


If you still have room, consider a matching sideboard to allow you to display your coastal collection of large shells and driftwood to finish the look.




Your coastal bedrooms should be part of your beachside escape. After a day of relaxing outside on the beach, on the water, and barbequing with friends, your number one goal may be to fall into your bed and rest off the day’s activities. By adding the right elements, you will surely make your coastal dreams a reality.


Start by adding a trunk at the foot of your bed for blankets and additional seating. Choose weathered or wicker style trunk to add character and style. As for your bed, try adding a rattan or white panel bedhead and dress white linens with layers of soft neutral tones.


Choose calming artworks of the beach, ocean or palmtrees for your walls.


A beautiful round mirror attached with a leather strap or rope over a distressed timber dresser will complete your coastal theme.



For your windows, soft sheer curtains will help give your coastal room a more open and breezy look. Perfect for allowing natural light filter into your room, sheer curtains will provide your bedroom with a warm soft glow and help create an inviting and relaxing setting. Consider adding a block out roller blind behind your sheers for total blockout.



Contact the team at Blinds Shutters and Awnings Direct to help you choose the right window products ton compliment your coastal interior. Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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